My Faith Testimony

My life before Christ had much fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. Since I had trouble finding a job after college, I decided to apply to graduate school. I wanted to get into a particular school and was afraid I wouldn’t meet the requirements, so I tried praying. I was skeptical of prayers because God had never answered mine before. But I decided to try it. And to my surprise and delight, God responded to my prayer, and I got into my dream school. From that day, I felt like I owed a debt to God and decided to take my faith more seriously. I started learning by attending church every Sunday, giving my spare change as an offering, praying before eating and sleeping, reading my Bible, and obeying the law of God. I obviously couldn’t keep them all. But I am still trying my best to become the child of God, and now I am one who evangelized those who need to hear the words of God and return to the church. I am proud to say that I am now the servant of the Lord.

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