My embarrassing moment

I was in hurry to get out of my bed because I am going to be late for my work.
It was a good sleep I felt like I am in my dreamland hahaha.
Anyway when I get to my workplace. I notice that I didn’t comb my hair hahaha. Dude that was embarrassing…

Next time I am going to set my alarm clock in advance so that I can no longer be in hurry.

So hello everyone here, how are you guys? It’s been a while since I posted here but I am grateful for every encouraging word that I read.
Thank you so much!

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I think every one of us here had an experience like this :sweat_smile: I always went to work without combing my hair or brushing my teeth.
hahahaha will I be the only one in the office no one can smell my bad breath :grin: :grin: