Moving on from the past

I remember the year 2015 My girlfriend or rather ex broke up with me, she said so I can start new. We are supposed to be 5 years into the relationship. She said she fell out of love years ago and she tried so hard to look for reasons to stay but she says there are none. It was hard to accept at first but thinking about all the things that I did I’m not blaming myself for losing her because I was there when she needed me when she feels she is lost, I was there and always there, I gave everything, I provided her, literally everything.

I don’t know if I really made a mistake. The pain, the pain that I felt that is penetrating my heart.
I don’t know where to start. However, I have to accept that she is gone. Still wish her all the best, and hope she can find the true happiness she wanted to have. As for me, I am broken to pieces but day by day I’m slowly picking up those pieces for me to be whole again.


They say that we don’t stay in the shadow o our past since we already know that it’s not good for us.
So move on!, get up and ask God’s guidance that HE guide you to the right path, the path that will lead you to God’s will in your lives.

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