Lord, restore our life

Lord, restore our life. Give me a forgiving heart to forgive and forget those who hurt us. And always remind us not to give up, we should also not give up on the trials that are yet to come. We should not allow failure to stop us instead stand up and continue. And we should not allow our mistakes to define us. We should Get up and don’t give up and decide to follow God’s will. We should believe that God can restore our lives. Amen


I know that life can be full of challenges, and sometimes we can feel lost or broken. But always remember that God is our God of healing and restoration, and that He have the power to bring new life to even the most broken of situations.

I pray that God would restore your heart, mind, and spirit, and bring healing to any areas of your life that are hurting or broken. May God grant you the strength and courage to face any challenges that come your way, and help you to find peace and comfort in His love and presence.


May you experience the restoring power of the Lord in your life, and may you be filled with hope, healing, and renewed joy. Amen.