Lord Jesus please give me the strength that I need as I face my enemy to overcome my battles

When you feel like you want to surrender to your work at the moment, because of people who drag you down and provoke you to fight with them, but you have no other way and weapon all you have is your faith and trust in God asking for help to face and protection from whatever I have to do to these people.

Lord my God, don’t leave me when I am facing my enemy, may you guide and support my back so that I can win against them. I can prove to them that they are wrong, you are my support and strength in all my weaknesses so don’t leave me my Father in Heaven, Amen.

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I will pray for you Elijah, may God will give you the strength that you need to face every battle and to overcome it.
God bless you and always have faith in God.

Hi elijah.name is alan.jesus will guide u and direct u.psl32v8.isaiah 49v17.also will work everything out for u.keep trusting him.roms 8v28.ashe has aplan for u and it’s agoodone.jeremiah 29v11.we know nothing is impossible with our god.luke 1v37."gbless.alan