Listening to a worship song or encouraging word helps me a lot

When I feel alone when I am sad when I feel that everything has been turning out against me.
When there is no one to turn to, to lean and some who want to learn their ears to listen to you.
I just listen to a worship song and look up and think about God and then while I’m listening to a worship song, I found peace, peace of mind, peace in my heart, and peace in my soul. Even though I am not perfect, I am truly great and honored by the love that Jesus showed me.

When you feel the same way as I do, just listen to a worship song or some encouraging words and think about Jesus and after that, everything will be okay.

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Same with me since 2019 I started to live on my own and it’s my choice since I am old enough.
Every time I felt afraid I played a worship song until I fell to sleep.
It’s companion every night.