Listening to a worship song, encourage me to keep going and believing God

When I feel down I listen to a worship song it gives me the strength to keep going. I meditate on every lyric that I heard and gives me a realization to keep going because of God. I keep holding on to His promises. And nothing is impossible with Him.

And one morning, while I’m listening to worship songs, the Lord just keeps putting people in my heart who need encouragement and who need the Lord himself in their lives so I always shared a song, I am hoping and believing and praying that God will speak to them through His song in ways that I could not even imagine.


Thank you for posting this. It touched my life. I am 27 years old and I was about to let go of someone very special to me. I realized that I needed to give him God’s sufficient grace.
It motivates me that everything in this world has a purpose.
So I should cherish my life than waste it on the wrong person.

Same with me when I listen to a worship song, I always felt that God is with me and I want to sing and praise Him all the time.
It made me relax, and all the worries disappeared after listening to a worship song.

Listening to worship is one of my way of meditating on God.
It’s my best way to get rid of all my worries.
It’s like I am talking to God in a worship song.

Every time I’m depressed I run is a worship song every time I hear it it’s like God is with me and He’s telling me that you can do it and it just makes me cry because of the strength that God gives to me.

My heart is melting every time I listen to this song
Because the Lord reminds me how great HE IS IN MY LIFE AND IN MY FAMILY :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Glory to God! I love the message of the worship song and true joy can only be found in Him so I always want to experience him and stay with Him and worship Him forever :slight_smile:

If I’m getting tired and exhausted here on Earth all I do is to listen to the worship of God,and thankful because its a big help to ease the saddest I felt.when my father was gone,I keep listening to God’s worship song too slowly accept that he is not here and i couldn’t hug and see him anymore, but with God grace I slowly accept it and he is in a nice place and happy​:innocent::innocent::innocent:
Glory to God
God is good all the time and I praises you with all my heart.