Let us always pray to GOD

Let us always pray to GOD that you are always safe and we always remember the reason for His death. He died because of us.
He doesn’t want us to drown in our sins.

To the people who still continue in the worldly sinners, you will have a new life when you turn to the LORD.
Do not be part of the work of the enemy of SATAN. Always felt the presence of GOD and get closer to Him, trust Him with all your heart so that no one can break your faith in God.

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Lord, I am not feeling well today :cry: :cry: I dreamt about my mother last night.
I talked to her.
I know she is worried about me and my siblings.
I miss her so much! I miss her voice and smile.
Lord please comfort me and embrace me right now.
Heal us from the pain that we felt right now :cry: :cry: :cry:
In Jesus’ Name, I prayed. Amen!