Let God help you to get healed from that brokenness

My Ex and I have been separated for almost 5 months but I still feel the pain in my heart.
We were been together for 3 and a half years but suddenly he changed when he went to college. It’s just so painful because he was so quick to find something new, until now I’m still thinking about where I was lacking, and who was lacking with us. But I also know that God has a plan for why this happened to me.

Now I am asking him for strength so that I can get rid of the pain I feel because God does not reject your broken heart God does not reject the brokenness that you are experiencing.
Let God help you to get healed from that brokenness.

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You know sometimes it’s hard to move on especially if the cause of your pain is the person who is closest to you, the person that you trusted the most.
But when we surrender to God, all the pain that we felt.
God will give us healing.
Praise God!