LENT MEDITATION - Jesus I need you - w/LYRICS - Hillsong

Sharing this wonderful song Jesus I need you.
While listening to this song it pierces my heart, because sometimes I forget God, I forget to thank Him for every blessing that I have right now.
I am sorry Lord God for my shortcoming to you.

Thank you for the unconditional love that you have given to us.
Thank you so much Lord God for everything.


Thank you our mighty God
You are our people who will be safe from any disaster that happens and from any trial. You are always here to remind me. To remove fear from this world.

Thank you for your love, Jesus Christ. We have no other desire but to stay in Your Presence, even though the trials we are going through are difficult, but we believe that we can overcome this because of Your Eternal Love. Thank you because you always meet us whenever we are weak and struggling. You are truly great and deserve to be praised and worshipped.

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I love this song, Thank you for sharing this Mabel.
Thank you Jesus for the cross, for the blood to save us from sins.
You sacrifice your life for us because you love us.
Thank you for the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.