Leave all your worries to God

Rest your mind and heart first from the things you always think about.
Even if it’s just one day, take a break and give yourself time.
Leave all your worries to God. Cry, and pray, because there are things that are not beyond our control.

That’s okay because God is there to guide you, He will not abandon you.


Surrender your worries through prayer and ask for strength and guidance in dealing with them. Have faith that God will provide for your needs, guide you in difficult situations, and work things out for your highest good.


Let go of worries and trust that God will take care of them in His own way and timing.
Focus on the blessings in your life rather than dwelling on worries.

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Surrender your worries and concerns to God with an open heart and mind. Let go of the need to control or fix everything on your own, and trust that God will provide the guidance and support you need.