Knowing God in the midst of hardship

I grew up in a simple family. My parents earn only enough for our daily expenses.
Even if I wanted to buy toys and good food, I couldn’t because we didn’t have enough money.
Later I learned to steal to get the things I wanted.
But, I was caught and imprisoned causing me to have trauma from what I suffered.

During my days in prison I met an old man who teach the word of God inside the prison.
I learned how to read Bibles and know God more, I learned to trust God and have faith in Him.
When I got out of jail I decided to continue to learn God’s words and share them with others.
I also found my second family, which is the church where I work now.


It’s good to hear that, sometimes we forget that God is with us when we are in despair until things teach us how to surrender God and depend on Him no matter what happen.
God only what is the best for us.


Prayer and meditation can be powerful tools for connecting with God during hardship.
During difficult times, we may seek wisdom and guidance from God to help us navigate through the challenges we face.


trusting in God’s plan, even in the midst of hardship, can be a source of comfort and strength.
Sharing our struggles with fellow believers, can help us feel connected to God and provide us with a sense of belonging and support during challenging times.