Keep your faith in God stronger

As a new believer, I can’t help but be discouraged sometimes by the words I hear if they are not good.

To the point that I didn’t want to go to church, I lost my desire to go to church because I kept myself away from them.
One day I watched a sermon on YouTube that said that it was not people who brought you to church but God, if you heard many bad words, put them out of your other ear, don’t listen to them, listen to the word of God.

Because of that, I dared to return to the church and I decided that no matter what I keep trusting God and learning His word.
From that day I attended church services and after how many months of continuing to go to church.
I no longer hear any unpleasant words from my fellow believers.


Amen! May you keep serving and believing in God.
In Him nothing is impossible.!