Keep believing and trusting God

Psalm 2:3
“You’re going to make it Trust Me”

I know every one of us has different difficulties or hardships that we are facing right now. All we need to do is to surrender those hardships to God and Trust Him wholeheartedly. With the power of our God. I know we can make it since everything to God is impossible.
Keep believing and trusting God.


If we believe that God is there to guide us, God is the same with us, He believes that we can overcome all the trials we face. Because He is there to be our strength.

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No matter what you’ve been through keep believing and trusting God.
Because He knows everything, everything in Him is impossible.

Thank you for the encouraging word Elijah, I know sometimes I feel down, I thought that I am an unlucky person in this world since I am struggling, and had a lot of hardships. But thinking about how God give me this wonderful life I had a reason to keep going even if it is hard.