Jesus is our healer and great provider

I am a Christian but for years I lost my faith since a lot of things happen in my family, my brother met an accident and after that my mother was admitted to the hospital due to her lung cancer, she had struggled to breathe.
And lately, I find myself suicidal, because I can’t take it anymore thinking about the struggle that we’ve been through.
I keep asking God why it’s happening to us, to my family.
Today I woke up with hope again, listening to the word of God and talking to Him every day is helping me calm my heart. I realized that only Jesus can heal me. Thank you, Jesus. The light in the darkness is who you are.
Thank you, Jesus, for the goodness that you’ve given to us, from then until now you have not changed.


Glory To God!
Lord’s love is unfailing. From then until now. Never lacking but overflowing. His love is unmatched.

Nothing is impossible with Lord when believe in Him.
He is our great healer and great provider.