Jesus Christ is my great provider

Being in the presence of God is the best feeling. Having peace of mind and heart that it will never be given by anyone else or anything else except God. I’ve been broken and lost my connection with my parents, I lost my job for almost 8 months but God never gave up on me. Glory to God for being my provider, my healer, my comforter, and for delivering me to the right path of life. Serving him is not asking anything but because it is our purpose and we love God. I thank God for giving me better work now and a good salary. Thank you, Lord Jesus!


Yes indeed! God is our great provider, without Jesus in our lives we are nothing and our lives are in a mess.
keep believing in Jesus Christ, and follow His path.

Thank Jesus for providing us with your endless grace.
Thank you for guiding us and protecting us against danger and harm.
Thank you Lord!