In every trial in our lives God is our only hope

I can’t help myself not to cry… because, despite my sin towards him, his goodness to me is still too much​:heart: Lord is so good :sob::pray: even though I make mistakes again and again when I approach him, I am so safe that I feel the His love is so much and he guides me back to him.

If you are facing a big trial and you feel like there is no hope, you have made a mistake, keep trusting in Him and I assure you that God will act in a way that you can’t imagine.


Facing big trials in our lives sometimes we don’t know what will be going to do, sometimes we forget that God is with us.
When we learned to surrender all our trials to God He will be going to help us to overcome those trials.

In times of trial and hardship, God is our hope and our refuge. He is the one who gives us strength and comfort, and He is always there to guide us through any challenge we may face.

No matter what we are going through, we can turn to God in prayer and ask for His help and guidance. He is a loving and compassionate God who cares for us deeply, and He desires to be with us through every moment of our lives.