If I had enough money to help those people to get them from that poverty

I want to share my experience today, when I was in the market I saw an old man who is standing near the fish vendor and I thought that he was going to buy some fish. I can’t help to get closer to him and ask him why he didn’t have some fish. He told me that he doesn’t have enough money to buy.
I felt pity for him.
I can’t imagine how hard his life was. I bought him some fish at first he hesitate to accept my help.
I also send him to his house.
My heart broke to see their situation.
If I have a lot of money I will help them to get out of their difficult situation.

I am hoping for them that someday they can get out of poverty.
And God will provide them with good health.


May you continue to help people like them.
I also don’t have enough money to support them but I can support them through prayers.
I pray that God will bless them with abundant blessings and also good health.

God bless you, and may the Lord give you ten thousand fold blessings so that you can help more people.