I'd rather have nothing that to suffer with the wrong thing

Choosing what is right for your life, even if it means having less, is a courageous decision. It’s a testament to your commitment to live in alignment with your values and purpose. Remember that the path of authenticity and truth may not always be the easiest, but it leads to a life filled with fulfillment and genuine happiness.

Trust your instincts and continue to prioritize your well-being. By doing so, you’re setting yourself on a course toward a life that resonates with your soul. Keep your faith strong, and may you find the peace and contentment you deserve on your chosen path.


Sometimes, it may require patience and perseverance to find the right path or the right thing, but the journey is worth it.

Stay strong in your conviction, and trust that by pursuing what’s right for you, you’ll ultimately find the contentment and happiness you seek.


Be patient and trust that, in time, you will discover the right path, the right people, and the right things that will bring you the fulfillment and happiness you deserve. Your willingness to prioritize your well-being and happiness is a powerful testament to your strength and self-worth.