I won't give up I'll continue to serve you, Lord

Last year is my worst year ever. I’ve lost the closest person in my life. But despite all that happened to me.
I will always trust HIM and worship Him cause I know even in pain and suffering, I have never been abandoned by Lord, I feel His warm and tight Hugs on me every day.
Without God, I can’t do it because He is always present in my life at all times and gives me strength and joy, and security. I can overcome those difficulties because the Lord is with me.
I won’t give up I’ll continue to serve you, Lord.


Me too I won’t give up to follow God because I believe that when God works in our lives everything when smoothly.
Although sometimes I can’t carry all my burdens I still believe that God is going to help me and ease my burdens.

That’s the spirit of the real God’s follower; no matter what happens, we keep trusting in his will and grace. He knows what will happen to our life, and he was our Creator and Savior, so we must give everything to Him and trust his plans. No doubts and no what-ifs.

knowing that you have a strong faith in God, whatever you’ve encountered you still stand firm and don’t let that struggle makes you fall.
Keep serving God and follow Him.