I will lean on God's truth

In times of uncertainty or when faced with difficult decisions, turn to God’s truth for clarity and direction. His word provides a moral compass, a path to righteousness, and a source of comfort in times of need.

Remember that God’s truth is a constant, unchanging presence in your life, a source of hope and assurance. As you lean on His truth, you’ll find the courage and wisdom to navigate life’s challenges with faith and grace. It’s a powerful and empowering choice, and it will lead you towards a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


That’s a beautiful sentiment! Trusting in God’s truth can provide you with strength, guidance, and comfort during difficult times. Remember that God’s truth is often found in the scriptures of your faith, and seeking solace and wisdom through prayer and reflection can be a powerful source of encouragement.

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God’s truth offers solace, clarity, and direction in times of uncertainty and doubt. Embrace His truth as a steadfast foundation for your life, and it will provide you with the courage and wisdom to navigate the challenges and joys that lie ahead. Your commitment to God’s truth is a source of great inspiration and encouragement.