I surrender to all to you Lord God

To be honest, my brothers and sisters in the Lord, I cried while I was listening to this song. I remembered everything. I come from a Christian family and now I haven’t been able to go to church for a long time because of work and Family Issues. I’m depressed but when I listened to this Song It give me strength from the Lord. Thank You, Lord God. I am so blessed.

Thank you, God, for all of your grace in the world You will never change then and forever.


While I was eating I listen to this song.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful song @Queenie_Ross.
It’s good to praise God especially when we know that he is the reason why we are free from our sins. He is the reason where we are today because if it wasn’t for the grace given to us, we wouldn’t be here today.

What a lovely songs,it’s good to listen to songs about our Lord God, it feels good, relieves heavy feelings, and relieves stress.
Thank you, Lord God, for being my fortress and my comfort all the time.
In you Jesus Christ I found peace and love.