I surrender all to you God

Every time I play this song and listen to it. It had a great impact on my heart. It’s like the Lord is with me deep in my heart. It made me cry. There is something in my heart that I cannot explain goes to the bottom of my heart. Despite the fact that we are sinners and have many shortcomings, he remains faithful, great and loves us forever. Thank God for everything you’ve done to us.
The Highest Praise and Glory belongs to God Alone :pray:


We surrender to God everything. every burden that we had right now.
everything is impossible.
God can do anything with His divine power.
Believe and have faith in Him.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful songs.
I badly need to surrender God all my worries right now, especially my Dad who is old had a fever.
May God will give him healing power and strength.

This song always gives me goosebumps and comfort from our Lord whatever circumstances we’re going through, He always provides us what we need either physical, emotional, or spiritual. He never fails to remind us that He’s always there by our side, facing the battle.

The Lord really knows what you need. When I heard this song, I suddenly felt that the Lord was really there. Waiting for us to return to him. Praise the Lord because He is patiently waiting for us!!!

It’s calm when you are in the Lord’s presence. You can find peace of mind only with Him… through worshiping him I believe that my prayers are answered on the way.