I made the right decision

I made the right decision.
It’s heavy on my heart that my friend only remembers me when she had to ask a favor of me. After that, he didn’t answer my chat.
She is the daughter of my Godmother.

Until one day, I told her, I told you that you don’t have to come to me. I’m cutting off my relationship with you. She stepped back and turned away without even apologizing. She never showed up again.
I am not regretting doing that to her. I am just giving myself some worth.
I just don’t like people using me for their own benefits.


We need to let go of people who don’t help us grow and who drag us down.
You made the right decision.
Surround yourself to the people who will encourage you and make you grow .

You made the right decision, we need to cut ties with the people who use as for their benefit.
That is why I can’t get easily attached to someone that I feel that they had bad intentions towards me.
Someone who only used me.