I made a Christian YouTube Channel if anyone would like to check it out

Attached is a link to a YouTube playlist I am working on to help spread the gospel. This material may be very basic for you but I would ask for your help sending out this LINK on Facebook, Twitter, or your website (if applicable). The goal would be enough views, subscribers and interest that YouTube will push it out to those searching for this type of material. Otherwise it doesn’t get much visibility. Thank you! Bill


Thank you so much for this link. It help me to seek God more through my life.
Definitely, I will share this.

Thank you Randy - i hope you find them useful. Bill

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Yes, It really helps me a lot, Your welcome :pray: :pray: :pray:

I love this video, it will help me to grow deeper into God and get closer to Him.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful content, Bill.
I hope you will never get tired of sharing content like this.