I keep believing in Him

I know God can help me from falling.
I know I can’t handle all the trials since I am weak, but I know for myself that I believe and Trust God with all my heart.
I will always hold his promises that He never forsakes us. and I stand that no matter how big my problem is I will not let go of life because I know I have a great living God who is there to strengthen me.
I am broken but I have God.
I keep believing in Him.

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Believing and Trusting God in everything in our lives it will make easier for us to reach our goals.
Although there are hindrances that we can’t avoid because it is part of our journey still keep believing in God and surrender it to Him.

Indeed! Having trust in God makes a significant impact on everyone’s life. There are struggles and difficulties that we will experience in our lives, but if you are aware and know that you are not alone in facing these problems, every hardship will be lighter to carry on.