I give you my heart

Praise God. I’ve been watching a lot of worship songs this past few months and I felt relieved and I let God be the center of my life.
I admit that I can’t go to churches personally to worship and give praise to Him. But, I met people that change my perspective on life. I accepted Him as my God and I started reading the bible. I also set morning and evening prayers plus my devotion and plans to learn His words. Listening to this kind of worship song also helped me to worship Him inside our house.
I can’t start my day without it and thank you so much for sharing this video because it helps to relieve all my negative thoughts and it reminds me that God is amazing enough to work in my life, so I don’t need to worry and let God do His will.
And He deserves this kind of praise.
To anyone who has struggled right now, Keep praising God and believe in Him. Nothing is impossible with Him.

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