I found my light and hope to the Lord

I’ve been battling with my anxiety for almost two months now.
It’s really hard.
I’m tired of living a life that I feel so empty and meaningless. Sometimes I think of just disappearing to end the struggles I have now. Because I don’t know what my purpose is anymore, why I live.
No matter how much I rest, when I wake up I’m still very tired. I asked others for help but they did not understand my situation.

I feel like I have no hope. I even abandoned my work and faith in the Lord. One of my biggest regrets. Now that I realize that in my heart and mind that the most difficult challenges that we will go through will bring us closer to the Lord. Let’s deepen the faith we have in Him.
Let’s surrender to Him the heavy things we carry.
Because He is the only one who can help us in the days when we are in the darkest part of our lives.

Now, I have returned to our Lord. Little by little, the Lord is bringing me back to the light and lightening my heavy burdens in life.
If there is one thing we should not forget? That is the faith we have in the Lord. Because if the faith we have is deep, no matter what we go through in life, we will overcome it because of Him. And we will also get the peace of mind that we always pray for.

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same with me when I felt that everything is not right I always cling to God asking Him that He will guide me and help to find my way to Him.
All that He answered me.
Thank you Lord for guiding me.