I found my comfort

Battling with depression is not easy for me. Everyone leaves me whenever I am fighting my anxiety. I gain weight, I’m always awake, and my mind is always occupied with what if’s in life and questions. It’s tiring to take risks especially when you know that it’s the people close to you who make you feel like you can’t do it.

My best friend invited me to their church. And I found my comfort in them. To him, I take out all my grievances, my sadness. He never gets tired of listening to me. Last night I should have had nothing, last night should have been fine. But God is good, he gave a sign to me that I need someone to comfort me then when I heard His word that encourage me, I cried even more. It struck me even more that there are still people who want me to stay in the world. I’m not okay yet,
but I’ll try to be okay for the people who believe in and trust me.


God uses your good friend as an instrument to save you from depression and sadness, and your friend saves your soul to let you know and worship God. People in church will not judge you but encourage and lift you and will always remind you that God loves you no matter who you are.

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God never let us go weary that is why He always sends someone who will be there for us in times of trouble and suffering.
Someone who is there to encourage us and lift us up from the ground.
God uses those people in the church to encourage you and help you to get out of the dark.