I found God in the middle of my suffering

At the time when I wanted to give up, I was tired as if nothing was going to happen. I was no longer happy which resulted in me getting sick mentally and physically.

I found God in the middle of my suffering, He gave me a new meaning to my life, courage, strength, and faith. I can’t say I’m okay but it is God that sustains me my strength, He keeps me going.
He is the reason why I am still alive, and breathing right now.

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All of us always found God in the middle of suffering because sometimes we forget that God is waiting for us.
We forget when everything to us okay, we only think of God when we encounter hardship, that’s why God finds ways to return us to Him and find ways to get closer to him that’s why we encounter hardship.

Greetings sister.name is alan.been prompted tell you bout megan.she was in 50s and blind.went to Sunday service as usual.at one.they were singing 'amazing grace.theres a sentence “iwas blind but now I see”.she suddenly could see.pleople were looking at her.one woman came to take her hand to take to front.megan said "no need Ican see !“Megan had to give up guide dog.her doctors were amazed even her family members.lord wants you know nothing is impossible with our god.luke1v37.keep trusting him.roms8v28.ashe has aplan for you and it’s agoodone.jeremiah 29v11.” Gbless.alan