I Choose God Forever!

Throughout this Journey, from last year until now I was grateful to God for always being there for me.
With all the crying, about my mental breakdowns, and also about my job. I cried so many times while I was alone, I overthink, and the weight was heavy on my heart but God never left my side, I always pray to God, I always Read the Bible, to gain Knowledge and wisdom from Him, learn His word and desiring to be His disciple and teaching His word someday.

And now I am one of the missionaries in our church. I am grateful to God for answering my prayer, all my tears and struggle are paid off.
In all the crying, in all the struggles/problems, the Lord is always there, and He will never leave me.
God is Love
I Choose God Forever!
Praise the Lord!


Amen! God bless you, Kayleen.
May you continue to serve God and become a testimony to others to inspire them on how you get started to be a follower of God.