I believe God strengthens me

At this moment, I’m so crushed, I’m so down, I’m so frustrated, I’m under so much pressure. I cry a lot because it hurts so much to think that the things you dreamed of didn’t happen at a time that wasn’t the Lord’s will. At this moment, I cried and cried to the Lord all the weight and pain.

But I’m still thankful to the Lord because He reminded me that He will never leave me and forsake me no matter how big the waves come into my life I will remain standing and firm.
Because I believe God strengthens me to overcome this hardship.


when all our strength has come from the Lord nothing is impossible with us.
Let God give us the strength that we need to overcome every trial that we had.

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God is our strength and everything when we surrender to Him everything is going to be alright.
Let God help you to carry your burden and help you to fight your battle.
He is always there for us.

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