I believe and trust you with all my heart Lord

Lord, what is important to me is that I believe and trust you with all my heart because I know that you will help me and you will never leave me, so I thank you for your love and goodness, and kindness.
I should also feel love for my family and my neighbor, and those who care about me. so please take care of what you gave me to be loving and caring and understanding humble and forgiving patient and helpful, so I must follow and do what you want Lord.

Lord, please give me light and strength, the strength of my faith in you, Lord, and so my faith and my belief will be strong.
I trust in you so that I can follow and do your goodness and kindness.

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we have nothing to lose if we trust the Lord, and if we believe in the promises he made, the Lord has fulfilled all of that, not even now but with the right time, everything we want in life will give to us.
Keep trusting God and have faith in Him.