I am grateful to God for not abandoning me, for guiding me

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing and for visiting our home.
Thank you Lord for waking me up every day, for strengthening me, and comforted me when I am down.

Thank you very much Lord for not abandoning us in our daily life, I feel better every time I hear your words, I feel different when I listen to the sermon of our pastors it penetrates my heart, I can’t avoid crying when I heard worship song​:disappointed_relieved:but the end of this eases all the pain in my heart​:pray::innocent: Thank you Lord​:pray:you are the best.

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God never abandoned us because He promises that He is there by our side always.
Keep talking to Him so that you can His presence.
He is there to listen to you when no one wants to listen to your problem.
The Goodness of God is never-ending.