I am grateful for my family and their patience and unconditional love

When my depression and anxiety attacked me, I was very drained from myself. There are times when I want to avoid people, I just want to lock myself in my house or room, I avoid people around me, the worst feeling is when I lose trust in them.

Luckily, my family didn’t give up on me until I slowly regained my old self, happy and going with the flow.
I became more confident in myself.
I am grateful for their patience and unconditional love.


I am grateful for the precious moments shared with my family, the memories we create together, and the bond that we share. Thank you for the laughter, the joy, and the tears that we have experienced as a family, for the lessons learned, and for the growth that we have experienced together.

Thank you Lord, for the precious gift of family, who are there for me through thick and thin, offering support, care, and understanding. I am grateful for their unwavering love, their comforting presence, and their unwavering support in all that I do.

How I wish that I have a family like yours, a family that is there to lean on when you are down, sadly but we’re not close with my family.
I pray someday we unite and have a good relationship with each other.