I am forever grateful to my friend for letting me stay in his house

Hi everyone! I would like to share my story.
In the back year 2019, I am struggling with finances and I don’t have a house to live that time.
I called my friend at that time
if I can live with him at least for a while until I find a job, even though the room he rented is small, we put up with it, and I sleep on the floor.
After how many months of patience and perseverance. One of the companies that I applied, to call me for an interview and I got accepted.
Thank God for that He never leaves by my side.

I was so lucky enough that I had a friend who is always there and willing to help me when I needed their help.
I am forever grateful to him for letting me stay in his house.


You are lucky to have a friend like him.
Cherish your relationship with him.
It’s rare for us to find a friend like him in this time.
God bless you!

You are so lucky that you have a friend like him.
My friend betrayed me, He snatch my girlfriend from me before.
But I already forgive them since it’s been a long time.

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