How's everyone here in this community?

How’s everyone here in this community?
It’s been a while since I am here, but I am glad that I saw a lot of encouraging words here, that’s why I love to spend my time here when I don’t have work to do.

I know some of us here are asking for prayer for our loved ones or their healing.
I will pray to all of you, and may the Lord will grant all your request to Him.
Keep believing and Trusting God’s ability.
He is our great God.

Anyway, Christmas is coming I just want to say Merry Christmas, everyone!
May God bless and keep you during the holiday season and all through the year

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Hello @jill_wendi , we were good, Thanks to God for always there guiding and protecting us.
Merry Christmas as well, I hope the magic of Christmas fills every corner of your heart and home with joy — now and always.