How to survive when you literally have no money

Surviving with no money can be extremely challenging, but with perseverance, resourcefulness, and a positive mindset, you can make it through. Remember to seek out resources and support, prioritize your essential needs, and stay focused on finding solutions to your challenges.

Remember that God is our great provider, we should seek His grace and surrender everything to Him.


When you have no money, it’s important to prioritize your spending on essential items such as food, shelter, and medication.

Stay positive. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and discouraged when you’re facing financial difficulties, but try to focus on the positive aspects of your situation. Look for small wins and celebrate your successes.

Find a extra job like waitress I am sure that there are a lot of fast-food chain hiring in your place.
You can save some money from that since other fast-food chain they offer free food. It’s a big help for you.
Also try to ask help for your friend and relatives.

Surviving with no money can be a very difficult and challenging situation. Remember, this is a temporary situation and with determination and hard work, you can overcome it. Seek out resources and support whenever possible, and keep working towards a brighter future.