How to put armor of God?

Having the armor of God in your lives we can feel secure towards temptation or Satan.
Be faithful to God and follow His commandments so that no one can defeat you in whatever battles you encounter.

This video helps us to know how to put on the armor of God.
The armor of God is our defense against Satan, and that is why having the armor of God in our lives is so important.


Having the armor of God is the best weapon that we had, not only our physical defense but also our spiritual defense.
Our defense against Satan.
By having armor all we need to do is to meditate on His word, praying and worshiping God is one of our to have the armor of God.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful video that will build our armor to God.
An armor that will help us to defend our enemy’s physical and spiritual defense.

This is what we need right now, the armor off God since we are surrounded with temptation in this generation.
All we need to do is pray, meditate the word of God and worship Him with all our heart to make our faith firm and no one can destroy it.

I need this right now since a lot of temptation surrounded me. I tried my best to avoid those temptations but it keeps coming from me.
May God will keep me away from that temptation and protect me against danger and harm.

Hi michael.hope is alan.i used to have bad fear of heights.satan attacks us with his flaming arrows-doubts.i learnt to have victory. By saying I will not be afraid.using sheild of faith.he that is inme is greater by than he in world I was doing it.iwas resisting satan and he flees.verse.gbless.alan

Keep praying, and trusting to God.
Your faith is once of your shield against Satan and danger. Keep believing God no matter what.