HOW TO NOT WORRY (And Trust God Instead)

Sharing this fantastic topic about How to not worry and instead Trust God.

I am at the peak of my situation right now where things are against all my plan. I’ve been anxious all the time since my Mom left us. I felt like my life is a mess without my Mom’s guidance.
Since I depend on my life since then, it is hard for me to accept that she is no longer here in this world.

After watching this video, It gives me hope to continue to live my life because God is with me, and I am not alone.
Maybe He took my Mom from me because He wants me to grow and get closer to Him.
Through this content, God reminded me that I should not worry about the future because He has a bigger plan for me.


I had severe anxiety before until now, but when I learned to trust God and surrender to Him everything that I worried about my anxiety slowly disappeared.
Thank you, Lord God for your healing power.
I know you had a bigger plan for me.
I will accept it wholeheartedly whatever it is.

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As a human beings, we can’t avoid getting worried about things in life.
But when we think about the promises of God, when we trust Him all our worries are disappeared.
We should learn to surrender all our worries to God and Trust Him with His will.