How the universe began?

A lot of us asking the same question especially when we were young about how the universe began?
Out of my curiosity when I was young I asked this question to my parents but they couldn’t answer my question since they couldn’t finish their studies.
When I learned to study the word of God all my curiosity and unanswered questions had an answer.

In my opinion when we use the theological theory about our universe,I strongly believe that God created our universe from the beginning through His divine power and that is not new to us since we all know that the creator of everything that exists on this earth is our Lord God.
From the food that we take daily it’s all from God.

We should be grateful to our Almighty creator who tirelessly gives us our needs, if its not from Him we are nothing.

But if we base in Big Bang theory universe began 13.7 billion years ago. Still all this theory was still mystery.

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From the beginning God created universe.
Through the power of divine Holy Spirit He created everything for us.