How long will I have to wait?

I can’t also avoid asking God, How long do I need to wait God?
when is it for me? Since I am also waiting for so long.
I can’t help asking God, why I am struggling.
But after reading this I realized that all this time I am wrong about questioning God.
We should learn to wait for God’s will for us or God’s plan for us.
Because as a reason for everything that happens in our lives.
And always remember that when there is sorrow, there is also joy.


Be patience because everything has a right time.
Always wait on God’s time for you.

Be patience enough to wait for God’s plan in our life.

Never get tired of waiting because God has a plan for us.
Anyway, I love this article.
I told me about this to my boyfriend and he started reading this kind of article.
I will use it to make our faith grow.

God always has a perfect timing, never early, never late.
It takes a little patience and faith, but it’s worth to wait.