How do I get closer to God

I would like to share these useful tips about our path to God.
This will help me a lot since I am new to the Christian world.
I am trying to have a relationship with Jesus Christ but a lot of hindrances come my way and I can’t avoid it. God give the trials for being His new follower, I thought that I never overcome those trials but with my determination to get closer to God, I did it.


Thank you so much I was trying to figure out for years why Christianity was so boring. But you made it clear as day what I was doing wrong.
Thank you so much you have saved a soul today.

Thank you for this wonderful video.
One of my way to get closer to God is by praying and reading His word and also doing Bible study with other people.
It helps me a lot to build my relationship with God and also other people.

Thank you for sharing this video, it will help me add to my knowledge of how can I get closer to God and be His follower.
May you continue to share this kind of video.

Praying , worshiping, and doing Bible Study makes us getting closer to God.
keep talking to God and learn His word.