Hoping to have a Baby

I am married for 5 years with my loving partner Daniel, after our marriage we want to have our baby to start a happy family. But, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) that’s we’re getting a hard time to have a baby. But, I still believe that when the time is right, God will be bless us to have one. We just need to have faith and patience to wait.
Be patience for all the blessing that will be coming to us soon!


Hi hazel, Praying for you ,May God give you a miracle.

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Thank you so much, Tyrone!

May God bless you hazel, I will include you in my prayer.

I will Include this in my prayer

God will grant you your prayers, like Sarah coworker of Abraham . We just need to constantly pray . Nothing is impossible with Him.
Praise the Lord

Amen, Believe! and have faith

Life belongs to God, and surely God has a beautiful plan for your family. No matter what, do not be discouraged but fix your eyes on the Lord always. Praying for you!