Helping my friend to do medical volunteer in their province

My friend told me that she’s going to volunteer as a medical worker in their province.
Since I am eager to go to their province, I’ll take this opportunity to go with her.
Yes, it’s far from the city it takes 5 hour’s ride but it is all worth going there, helping people who need our help. Their smile is so genuine when they receive help.

I like people there because they are contented with what they have in their lives. I learn a lot from them, like how to appreciate the small things that they have in life.

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I love to read sharing like this! I am fond of helping and volunteering missions where I can extend my arms to help others. Aside from the travel to explore new places, it is also my passion to help others where I can put smiles on their faces. May you continue to help others, and may God bless you always.

I also volunteer in our place, since a lot of us suffer from poverty. How I wish I can help them all and embrace them to give them comfort.
May you continue to help others, and never get tired of helping needy people.
May God bless and guide you all always.

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