Helping a friend to start a small business

I had a friend living in the Philippines, She told me everything that happen to her life there. Also, all the hardships that she encountered.
I meet her during my vacation in their country.
I felt pity for her so I decided to help her.
I ask some help from my friend and they are willing to help her.
We gave her money for her family and to start a small business for her family.

After how many she contacted me to say that they are now living in good life since they receive help from us. Also, she thanked us for trusting her and helping her.
I am happy to hear that good news, may the Lord will shower them with His abundant blessings, and good health.


You have a good heart, :heart: :heart: thank you for helping her.
May you continue helping those in need.
May God shower His blessings on you an d to your friend.

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I happy for you, May you continue to help those people.
God bless you and to your family.

All I can say is Wow, You did a great Job!, may the Lord will always give you good health and abundant blessings and also may you continue to help them.

May you continue to help other people,
You are on e in million people that has a good heart.
God bless you! and more blessings to come in your life