Help me to pray that God protect me from any harm

Lord, I ask for your powerful protection over my life. Shield me from any harm, danger, or evil that may come my way. Surround me with your heavenly angels, who are sent to guard and protect your children.

Please place a hedge of protection around me, my loved ones, and all areas of my life. Protect me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Guard my mind from negative influences, my heart from discouragement, and my body from illness or injury.

Grant me discernment and wisdom to make wise choices that align with your will. Help me to avoid situations and circumstances that may bring harm or lead me astray. Guide my steps, that I may walk in paths of righteousness and experience your protection in every aspect of my life.

Father, I also ask for protection over my relationships. Shield my loved ones from harm, and keep them safe in your loving embrace. Guard our homes, our workplaces, and all places we frequent. Protect us from accidents, disasters, and any form of harm that may befall us.

I place my trust in your unfailing love and faithfulness. I know that you are my refuge and fortress, and I find comfort in your presence. Help me to lean on you in times of fear or uncertainty, knowing that you are always with me.

Thank you, Lord, for your constant protection and watchful care. I am grateful for your love and the peace that comes from knowing you are my protector. I commit myself and my loved ones into your hands, confident that you are faithful to keep us safe.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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Certainly, I can help you with a prayer to ask for God’s protection from harm.
May God surround you with His loving presence, creating a shield of divine light and energy around you. Protect you from negative in fluences, toxic situations, and harmful intentions. Guide you away from any harm, steering you towards the path of safety, peace, and well-being.

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