Help me to pray for those people who are the victim of the earthquake in Turkey

I know a lot of here knew about the earthquake happening right now in Turkey.
Let’s pray for them since we are far from them all we can pray for is that God will stop this calamity.
A lot of people were injured and died in this earthquake.
May their soul and spirit is at peace right now since this was a tragedy that happen to their lives.

A lot of things happen in this human world due to our sins. All we need to do is to confess our sins to our Lord God and repent every day so that we can receive eternal salvation.


Praying for those who are the victim of this earthquake and also for those people living in Turkey.
May God bless them and embrace them, and heal the pain that they felt right now.
I hope everything will be alright soon.

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I will pray for them.
I hope everything will be alright soon and this earthquake will end with the help our God.