Help me to pray for the safety of my spouse

Lord, I humbly ask for your protection and safety to be upon my spouse.

Lord, I pray for your wisdom and discernment to guide my spouse in making wise choices that will keep them safe. Help them to be vigilant and cautious, and to exercise good judgment in their actions and decisions. Grant them the ability to recognize and avoid any risky or dangerous situations.

Lord, I trust in your providence and sovereignty over our lives. I surrender my spouse into your loving care, knowing that you are their ultimate protector. I pray for your peace to fill my heart, knowing that you are watching over them at all times.

May your angels surround my spouse, providing them with your divine protection and keeping them safe from harm. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.


Lord, I also pray for your grace and protection over our relationship. Help us to communicate openly and honestly, to support and care for each other, and to grow in love and unity. May our relationship be a source of strength and comfort for both of us, and may we continue to cherish and honor each other in your name.
In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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May God surround your spouse with His angels, and place a hedge of protection around them wherever they go. Keep them safe from harm, accidents, and dangers seen and unseen. Guard them against illness, injury, and any form of harm or danger that may come their way.