Help me to pray for my brother that he pass the exam

Hi everyone!
Tomorrow is my brother’s college entrance exam. I know he is nervous since yesterday but I believe he can make it since he is a smart person.
I would like to request a prayer from all of you, please pray for my brother that he can pass the exam and continue to reach his dreams.

Through this I can support his dreams, I believe that God guides him and give him wisdom and knowledge to choose the right answer to every question.
God bless us all!


Dear God,
I come to you with a humble heart, seeking your guidance and blessings for the brother of Jacquie as he prepares for his exam. Please grant him the knowledge, wisdom, and clarity of mind to effectively recall and apply the information he has studied. Help him to remain focused, calm, and confident during the exam. Amen!


May God bless him with the ability to showcase his true potential and perform to the best of his abilities in the exam.

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Lord, I pray that you grant the brother of Jacquie to have clarity of mind and a sharp memory as he studies for his exams. Help him to retain the information he has learned and to recall it with ease during his exams. Give him confidence in his abilities and calmness in the face of challenges. Amen.